Anyway, if I have to dl files that need to be validated, I will have to install the activex control until is corrected. You made my day even tho we found no working answer for As of 29 August 2013 Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool failed.

updating windows without genuine advantage-30updating windows without genuine advantage-60

"This version of the Windows Genuine Validation Tool is no longer supported.

Please download the newest version and ensure that your system clock is accurate".

As I have more than one Valid Windows Tried on the others with the same result!!! Can not download any Windows Software that Require this tool and was downloading the few days before on all systems.

Even talked one Microsoft individual into running the tool it gave her the same result I received. Mine only just finally worked directly from WGA but only after yet another install of what I assume must have been an even later version of the one installed via W-U. and if the code generator is defunct, then I'm just chasing my tail as I can't install XP mode without the code.

Thank you for your input, even tho I still have no answer for my question. Thanks for explaining your purpose and what you were trying to achieve.

I was under the impression that you were just trying to get past the validation one way or another so you can maintain an updated computer.

Start IE Click "Make Default" and click "Tell me if IE is not my default browser". Uninstall Firefox which takes few seconds then reinstall with Custom settings when you are selecting the path where Firfox has to be installed, uncheck "Make Firefox as my default browser". Re checked IE to be sure it was set as the default browse.

Open an application's About Menu and click on a link to their homepage to see if IE opens as the default browser. HTH, Maud You are correct in that I have and have been using the downloaded version of Until this month, worked every time and always gave me the code for the download. Each browser works as the default browser until it is changed by the other browser starting up, asking to be the default browser.

I did update my patches from the Update site OK, just could not download the files for any of them. The full error when running the Genuine tool (Even a new download of this tool) is: "This version of the windows genuine advantage tool is no longer supported. Uninstaller, searched the computer and the registry and deleted all found Firefox entries that Revo did not delete. I ran Auto Runs and there in nothing showing Mozilla or Firefox.....(Used Auto Runs since it came out...great program! Tried the new downloaded ..still showing the full error as shown in my last reply.

Not sure at what I see, but with IE set to the default browser, this always shows the Mozilla browser, (Firefox v 15.01), as the default browser, which we know does not have active X.

The sizes of the old and new files are the same..probably have not changed.