(The mobile versions get 30-day trials of Pro features, but those versions will continue to work as single-device password managers if you choose not to pay.) On the desktop, 1Password supports Windows 7 or above and Mac OS 10.10 or later.

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The 1Password installation process can feel a little cumbersome, but it's just a one-time inconvenience. 1Password supports imports only from Last Pass, Dashlane, Robo Form, Splash ID and previous 1Password accounts.

That covers the main players, but it would be nice to see a few more on the list.

1Password got its start as an Apple-only application and has carved out a dedicated following in that audience.

The company recently made large strides toward bringing its Windows and Android software closer to parity with its Mac OS and i OS apps, but 1Password is still best for users who rely entirely on the Apple ecosystem.

I was able to install the Android and i OS 1Password apps quickly.

The authentication setup is unusual: You first must download the Emergency Kit from within the desktop application, then either enter your info or scan the QR code found in that document. After this, our mobile app synced up immediately with our 1Password data.

To take full advantage of the mac OS application, you need to install 1Password Mini in the Finder menu bar and keep that running at all times, and also install the 1Password browser extensions.

Other password managers, such as Robo Form and Last Pass, similarly install a Finder menu-bar item, but they don't require a separate step to do so.

While the service handles all of the basic functions you would expect from a password manager, it simply doesn't hold up against the competition — especially on non-Apple devices.