They feel that they are being rational and responsible, and they feel that they are being smart when they do this.

Tips on dating a libra man video

They’re not insecure like other signs of the horoscope, they just like predictability.

This is one of the major negative traits of the Libra.

This is the main issue with Libra people and Libra men in general.

Many of them are really stuck at one level or the other.

Any deep talk or heavy philosophical or emotional talk can scare a Libra guy. Libra guys, at least at the very beginning are very afraid of commitment.

They don’t like being sucked into a certain situation where they have to commit.

If you don’t want to get hurt and feel used, don’t give it up too easily.

There’s a big difference between seduction and sex.

While in appearances, they seem like they have it all together, they might seem that they are rich, successful but unhappy – but at some level or another, they are stuck.