Myself and Kurt had friends in common, so this is pretty reliable information. Oh yeah..regards to his "suicide": I can't say for sure; but I do find it weird that he couldn't reach the trigger with his thumb, yet he was found with his shoes ON. The guy who said the song is about how people are like zombies who only want to be entertained with crap is are exactly right. ) The zombies want their freak show entertainment, anything to beat the boredom, and the feminists want their revenge on the white male by belittling him and demanding 'alternatives' such as hiphop etc.

If you listen to "U-mass" from the Pixies "Trompe Le Monde" album you will hear many parallels between that song and "Teen Spirit". the song was about how people are like zombies who don't give a s--t what they are entertained by, so long as they don't have to come out of the shadows themselves. It is mocking their demands to be entertained and eventually impregnated to meet their warped can someone tell me why nirvana got more airplay than aic cuz i heard that Kurt didnt want to go mainstream and layne staley wanted to be famous so his dad would come back and stuff...

-Kell from California, England & Ireland The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards : Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal and Best Rock Song.

The other in the class didn't think that was any cool and started to bully him. This didn't apply back when this song was written but nowadays I feel it sums up the attitudes/personalities of teens perfectly. Nowadays you can't even say hello to a young teenager because they're all into their phones and apps and such.

So then his teacher decided to let him skip some of the class and help the janitor instead.

(Cobain did not even write these lyrics, btw) The singer is sick of being judged by the audience, and his life has become a freak show (a mulatto! so i've heard To those who say they are mad at Dave Grohl for some of the things he said about KC or the meaning of SLTS (Grohl says there is no meaning): remember, Nirvana was 'just ok' before Grohl came on board.

Don't pile on me, I like KC and Nirvana, but it's true.

Kurt Cobain didn't learn things that fast as the other in the class, and he had problems with his homework.

Entertainment Weekly would later name Nirvana's loss to Eric Clapton in the Best Rock Song category as one of the 10 biggest upsets in Grammy history.

Brian from Boston: have you ever read his "suicide" note? Kurt Cobain was no more tortured of heroic than you or I, he was simply vulnerable to severe depressive episodes, probably during one of which he took his life. Try working a real job for 40 hours a week coming home dead tired and still not being able to pay all your bills. He made millions of dollars and had the world by the balls.

I'm talking bout a guy that walked around with only one shoe on sometimes to go meet his drug dealer. Smells like teen spirit was a sentence that his then-girlfriend, tori vail, wrote on his bedroom's wall (she wrote: Kurt smells like teen spirit) because she wore a deodorant brand named "teen spirit""Here we are now, entertain us" was something that Kurt Cobain was saying when he entered a party. YES COURTNEY LOVE KILLED KURT.5.:) i get carried away Hey, Brian from Boston, maybe you've heard of something called Bi-Polar disorder. He did the only thing he ever wanted to do for a living.

I was watching Sports Center tonight and Kevin Ryder was doing an interview with Neal Buccigross he asked who the five coolest people he had ever had on his show he said Dave Grohl Dave Grogl Bono Dave Grohl and Chris Cornell!!!! or not)original line, hello, hello, hello, hellolast chorus, hello, hello, halo, hell no The rif is Blue Oyster Cult "God Zilla" as is the bend in the tune wah waaah, wah, waaah from Godzilla My parents just recently gave me a copy of Nevermind, and I feel that it's indubitably Nirvana's best album.