Richard, who married Katia, 26, in December last year, says: 'In my professional and personal opinion, I would recommend that my male clients not date British women.

The vast majority are in Eastern European countries.

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They are not feminized, while quietly allowing men taking care of them; they can russian dating site in london work and family or just family, it depends ; they are good and caring mothers.

Greater London is the smallest in area among England regions.

But in his mid-twenties, Richard learned about seduction.

Soon he had no trouble picking up thousands of women and began teaching others about his pick-up dating techniques.

Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has published two bestselling-books on seduction and was named 'Britain's number one superstar chat-up artist' by a newspaper in 2008.

The dating expert says that British women have become entitled and overweight and firmly advises clients to avoid homegrown ladies and go for Eastern European girls - who are more feminine, well mannered and prettier in his opinion.

At the same time they live like part of the family that hosts them and get to know the culture and the language.