Kate Tsui wore several sleeveless outfits at the fashion show yesterday, appearing as a trendy model.Is Kate brave enough to wear a bikini in a fashion show?

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Kate said that the most important thing is that the clothes are pretty and TVB will decide and arrange on the level of sexiness allowed.

Kate had her own independent changing room backstage.

In spite of working in the same building, Hairstylist HO TSAU-SANG (Nancy Wu) let the opportunity of meeting Barrister FUNG SAU-MAN (Vincent Wong) escape owing to a minor incident.

Out of despair, she blindly agrees to marry her co-worker FONG KA-WAI (Oscar Leung), following which are the constant disputes over chores and KA-WAI’s suspected extramarital affair.

This is not the first time [the media reported] on romantic rumors. Let’s consider the romantic rumors as publicity for the series.

Since Ron and I have the same manager, we know each other well. ”Recent tabloids portrayed Ron Ng as a player, claiming that he pursued TVB colleague, Sire Ma Choi, and used her money.During the show, she re-encounters her long-lost old flame NG TSUN-KAI (Ron Ng) and attempts to wreak vengeance on him.Unexpectedly, their hearts have yearned to be together as her wedding day is around the corner.Asked whether rumored flame, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, possessed these qualities, Kate said, “My good brother?In fact, we have partnered in many series together.Kate noted that if she had to change clothes in front of the other models, then it would have been somewhat embarrassing.