State and federal laws cover the cashing and depositing of postdated checks, and laws vary from state to state.It's not illegal to postdate a check, unless you're attempting to commit fraud.

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It’s almost never a good idea to hold onto a rent check for long, and the sooner you get it deposited into your bank and your bank requests funds from the tenant’s bank, the more likely you are to avoid bounced check issues due to insufficient funds.

It’s always a good idea for landlords to deposit any rent checks as soon as possible.

Even if the check you hold for rent is dated for longer than six months, the bank may still honor it and transfer funds from the tenant’s account to yours.

Some banks have a policy of honoring checks written up to one year ago, while others may define a policy somewhere in between.

When tenants write a personal check, it gives their bank permission to release funds to your account.

Problems can arise when you hold onto a rent check for too long without depositing it, so it’s a good idea to understand exactly how long you can hold a rent check before you can get yourself and your tenant into trouble.I told them to just deposit the check, but I would like to know whether such a law exists . While more landlords and tenants are turning to electronic deposits to take care of the rent, there are still plenty of rent transactions that take place using a good old-fashioned paper check.This is especially handy when it’s hard to get to the bank during business hours.Finally, many financial institutions are introducing a digital deposit system that allows customers to take a photo of the check using a smartphone, thereby transmitting the information directly to the bank without ever having to make a physical stop at the brick-and-mortar location.Notice that some tenants may put a stop payment on a check that hasn’t been cashed out in a reasonable amount of time.