A few days later, Head Counselor Bob Forrest brought Peniche back to the facility to see if the residents would accept her return; but, (with the exception of co-patient/-resident Tom Sizemore), the residents declined Peniche's in-person plea to return, and she left amid stinging criticism by Heidi Fleiss.

At Surfers Lodge Peniche, we embody the purpose of going beyond classic in everything we do.

Peniche described herself as having had hundreds of lovers, but being unable to emotionally connect with anyone in any kind of relationship.

Peniche's participation in the treatment program was marred by her aggressive and erratic behavior: verbally abusing the staff and other patients; refusing to participate in group discussions, or obey the clinic's rules; forcefully demanding that the staff fetch her fruit juice and bring it to her bedside; accusing people of laughing at her when they clearly were not; and, compulsively smiling (as a beauty pageant contestant might, in order to maintain a facade of well-being) -- even when discussing her own past traumas and pain. Drew Pinsky, the treating physician, became suspicious that she was using illicit substances such as methamphetamine, or had been prior to being admitted.

and during the process of being evicted from her home, she made suicidal gestures and became abusive toward the show's production staff (e.g., throwing a container of water onto a technician).

Later, during production of the third season of Celebrity Rehab, Peniche contacted Pinsky for help.

In the first episode, she became verbally abusive toward the sober living manager (Jennifer Gimenez), and tested positive for methamphetamine.

During the second episode, admitted being worried that her former Rehab co-star, Mindy Mc Cready (whom Peniche had invited to move in with her at the end of their season on Rehab—an idea that Dr.

Peniche was born in San Diego, California on March 20, 1984.

Her mother, Lee Ann Rosenbarger, is a business consultant. After their parents divorced, the three siblings lived with their mother, who was an extreme perfectionist (especially about schoolwork). After briefly moving the family to Houston, Texas, Peniche's mother remarried and moved them to a home on Blue Lake in Fairview, Oregon.

born March 20, 1984) is an actress and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon.