Their website provides a virtual run of their house with names of their courtesans.

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Guide to raunchy Vienna nightlife venues like Club Maxim and Golden Time FKK.

This red-light portal shows the glamourous side of having fun in Austria's vice capital.

Each establishment receives its own review and description, some of which are rather extensive.

They are also cross-linked to related punter boards with customer discussions about the venues and providers.

Nobody may see who enters or leaves this Vienna brothel situated in central location near Prater Stern.

There is a page with pictures of working prostitutes including one Latin shemale.

The chicks are mixed from local to exotic with most of them being from neighbouring East European countries such as Hungary. Plenty of nude images of Austrian whores can be viewed online together with panorama pictures of this plush whore house.

Entry fee of 50 Euro includes all beverages and use of facilities. Another red-light guide for Austrian hookers and nightclubs. Upon entering the site you can see Austrian escort and whores soliciting for punters with images and personal information.

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