Tens of thousands of professional singles are trying to find the perfect partner and are not able to.

This is my first book and I look forward to seeing the creativity of the designers.

Kostis Pavlou is an excellent cover designer and illustrator of your idea.

:)"~~New England Girl "Amherst (Mass) has been described as 26 square miles surrounded by reality. I play guitar, I make glass art and often submit to my bohemian artistic leanings which creates an air of solace and serenity in my life."~~Paul Brown "The city of Springfield, Massachusetts, is made of 17 different neighborhoods, each with something special to offer.

And they do say that truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction." ~~Larry Kelley "This is a weekly newsletter/magazine which chronicles the poetry events in the Pioneer Valley and Western MA as well as the larger Springfield/Worcester/Hartford area."~~Lori Desrosiers "I am a single Dad. As a resident of East Springfield/Liberty Heights area, I felt it would be interesting to travel my neighborhoods on foot and see what they have to offer.

They are frustrated, need help and are willing to spend $20 on a great book to get that help.

In this book, I have tapped my 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and used this knowledge to describe and distinguish between two parallel life searches: the job seeker’s process of finding a good job fit and the process of finding an ideal mate/life partner.

Check out Gail Sheehy - Sex and the Seasoned Woman as one example of simple yet powerful and stands out.

I like simplicity on the cover yet it still needs to stand out with clear visuals.

Thank you for your professional approach from beginning to end! The book considers the numerous comparisons and contrasts between these two types of life searches.

Many are spending or more a month on line trying to figure it out.

"Rest In Peace & Love to my second dad Sib Hashian," Johnson began his touching post."Don't know why things have to happen the way they do sometimes.