There's probably a larger original somewhere, but I've had no luck in finding it. Then preparation getting hair dried, nails polished hands and feet). I watched my wife get taken by her masculine boyfriend multiple times, and it was incredible. The worst part is that I have a roommate so now i have to keep my sissy life on the DL (ugh! So like I said in my last story, I live a double life.With her help and with a lot of love from the total love of my... By day, I am your average college boy, but by night I am a slutty sissy girl who craves the dominance of a strong man.

I know work from home and from morning to evening I dress like a woman.

I have been working hard on my figure, and from my diet, exercise...

I went through a period in my early 20's when I was able to experience and fulfill my fondest fantasies.

I began wearing women's clothing in places other than my apartment and began meeting other guys interested in male-male sex. It's too bee on my needs sucking **** like a good sissy slutty boy. My **** is soo little an that is what makes me the slutty ***** I am today.

And had just about given up on the thought of ever trying the s*x thing again, when I got an email late one Saturday night on my online... but would really like to find a much larger version of that picture. I was raised by a single Mom and was i guess what we'd now call a "latchkey kid" so i had a lot of time to play in Mom's lingerie and she had quite a bit of it... " Test brain is "87% Female and 13% Male"You have the brain of a girly girl Which isn't a bad thing at all You're empathetic, caring, and in tune with emotions. Ever since I moved away for college, I have been abstinent.

I've tried enlarging it with various editors, but that only ruins it due to lack of resolution. Who likes nothing better than being dressed up for a night out. You spend the day pampering, making sure every where is waxed to perfection. If you have read some of my previous stories, you know that I started my recent life changes as a cuckholded husband. I left my boyfriend back home because I didn't want him to feel like I didn't want him to have sex anymore.

I work for a military contractor and am surrounded by military or ex-military men. being the girly role and I just love having my bf take care of me physically and emotionaly. just love being a sissy cumslut and love having my holes filled by hard ****!

I can't "come out" at work as I'd more than likely lose a 6 figure job that I love doing as none of the... To prance around in panties and lingerie, to go out with some others in girly colors and with some panty lace showing, takes guts. often look at guys thinking about undoing their pants and leeting their **** free so i can suck it and swallow the ***! I'd have to wear a dress or skirt when I go out, but at home I'd only wear pretty lingerie. I feel so complete and know my place when a strong man takes me and makes me his.

I'm the one who daydreams about lingerie and being... Just what I dream of happening to my pink pantied sissy ***...

My previous post, "Pink Panty Humiliation" was true. Once he and my mom broke up, she asked me to go over to his place and pick up the rest of her things. I'm 50 years old and a totally gay, ****-loving, submissive, pink sissy pantyboy in private. being the receiver and the submissive one wearing pretty panties, nighty's and such.

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