The ignominy is only compounded by the shameful response of our media and government apparatchiks who dismiss, cover over or explain away these abominations as the fault of an uncaring society that treats its immigrants badly.Such instances of sheer malfeasance and, not to put too fine a word upon it, utter stupidity can be multiplied at will, leading many conservative writers to re-interpret George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon and Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints not as mere dystopian novels prone to exaggeration but as prophetically accurate visions of the future—a future which has become the present.

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A new meme or figure of speech has begun to circulate among conservative writers and thinkers with increasing frequency and appositeness—namely, that we are living in a world turned upside down, to cite the title of a major book by Melanie Philips, itself derived from Christopher Hill’s study of revolutionary 17 century in England.

(The term “world” is used by these writers to refer primarily to the Western sociopolitical domain or provinces thereof.) Almost everywhere we look we see this trope corroborated by extensive empirical testimony, of which I will flag only a few significant instances.

Last week saw a dramatic new phase of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into "Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election" and "possible collusion by members of the Trump team." Two senior members of the Trump campaign team including former campaign chair Paul Manafort surrendered themselves to federal authorities.

Some would say that this is it, that Trump is definitely finished.

As the JTA news source reported, “In returning the case to the appeals court, the high court said the appeals court had overstepped its bounds in ordering France 2 to send it the rushes of the report.” In other words, from the perspective of the High Court, soliciting evidence is impermissible.

Shades of Canada’s Human Rights Tribunals and Supreme Court decision, which regard truth as unacceptable in their proceedings if it offends a member of a designated minority group. It is a world in which the adherents of catastrophic global warming deliberately ignore the massively accumulating evidence to the contrary and politicians are inaugurating policies, based on a fraudulent and corrupted science, that promise to destroy their economies. is required for almost every other form of access to official institutions irrespective of caste or color, and that (2) the absence of such laws results directly in voter fraud and the skewing of electoral results, almost always in the Democrats’ favor, are conveniently forgotten or intentionally suppressed.I mean, do Americans know that Ukraine isn't Russia? But the media were quick to respond: "It's a historic indictment that deals with tax evasion over a long period of time." Tax evasion?True, everybody knows that in the US, the only thing you have to do is die and pay your taxes.our pampering of lawbreakers as suffering victims of social indifference or oppression); the ill are regarded as felons (cf.the innocent are often criminalized); and so on ad nauseam.We live in a backwards world in which the decent are regarded as indecent, defenders of western institutions are considered as terrorists, correct naming is derogated and often prosecuted as slander and “hate speech,” violence is justified if committed by our enemies, unseasonable cold weather is interpreted as an infallible sign of global warming—the beat goes on.