Some saint or other was depicted with his hands raised in benediction. Then I would add my sperm to the load dad had left. I didn’t know it then but years later I would read an article that said sons always lust for their mothers.

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My mom, Jamie, and dad, John, had dragged me along. Weakly I braced myself against the toilet and struggled to my feet. Many nights I had whacked off to the sounds of their lovemaking.

Even though I never met my grandmother they felt family needed to be there. I chewed hard on the towel in my mouth, extracting the last vestiges of honey. I had grown skilled at finding mom’s panties from those nights.

I love to watch females pee on each other and in strange places ( outside , sinks , on themselves etc ) .

It turns me on so much , I just love to ********** to it .

Mom and dad were getting drunk in the small terminal bar. Mom was a full figured woman and fairly tall at 5′ 9″, about 200 lbs. The cum soaked towel she had held between her legs and the wet towel she had washed with. The article went on to say the king in Oedipus Rex didn’t really make a mistake when he took his mother for his queen. From my vantage point, I could see dad run his hand under mom’s dress. My dick hurt from being constrained in my jockey’s as I watched their sex play.

I had sneaked a peek in her lingerie drawer and knew she was a 38D cup. He was fulfilling the subconscious need to outdo his father and possess his mom.

pee anywhere they want me tooo Ever since I was about 12, I would lay down on the floor of the shower, stick my legs in the air, and pull my vag! One time, when I was 15 years old, my 13 year old sister walked in on me doing it. The dare was the first one to pee had to get on her knees and let each woman pee on her. and a close friend I am with occasionally said he had a desire to give one and asked me to receive it from him, I agreed on my knees in the shower I found the hot liquid covering me an exciting and humiliating experience that I would experience again i was curious about golden showers, i was with someone who after we had sex..kind of during, he started to pee and it turned me on.

The rules were the first time to receive pee all your clothes were on. i have a dom who i told this to and he of course wanted to do it....marking his territory.

This happened a couple of years ago, after one of our almost regular ********** we had a lot of back then.