It takes no stretch of the imagination to imagine his hurt at being left by the woman Geldof says he loves still, but how he felt about their children sharing a home with Hutchence was a different matter.

That was father bear protecting his cubs' territory, based on Hutchence's well-known love of a narcotic good time, and the changes in Yates that were obvious for anyone to see.

To a friend, Paula confided that Hutchence made her "feel quite feeble", and footage of the interview sees her almost squirm on her stool while he smirked, almost in awareness and appreciation of his effect on her.

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She had enjoyed other affairs -- Rupert Everett's recent autobiography and confession of a long-running romance with Yates is proof -- but Hutchence was different.

And, while The Big Breakfast interview suggested the start of something between the pair, the affair had, apparently, already been raging for some time.

And when, in 1995, Paula Yates left her marriage to be with Michael Hutchence, it was then the path began not only to his death, but to hers too.

The great obstacle to their great romance was Bob Geldof.

An Aussie who had been raised as a rich expat kid in Hong Kong, before returning to Sydney and then moving to America when his parents separated, Hutchence was both cocky and faintly vulnerable, rough and raw but sort of sensitive with it.

Women responded to this, Hutchence knew it, loved it, probably played on it and was committed to living the rock star cliche."Apparently they could hear me screaming right across Chelsea," Yates added. All those incarnations were infused with essence of Paula -- fun, flirty, naughty-but-nice, while her final years were a disintegration of all that.Still reeling with grief, she left London for Sydney with Tiger, vocally blaming ex-husband, Bob Geldof, for Hutchence's death, cursing him, trying to rip from him the "Saint Bob" tag. In many ways -- which was the tragedy not only for Paula, but also for her four young daughters -- she died too that night in Sydney a decade ago this week, and while Hutchence's exit was swift and, some might say, ecstatic, hers was painfully slow and with a legacy that lasts yet.By this time, as Yates told one of the several friends who wrote about her after her death, she felt Bob was "the most controlling person" she knew.She said that what had seemed caring behaviour in her 20s, was smothering in her 30s, and she longed for some sort of freedom.Before meeting Yates, Hutchence had a well-established reputation as a hedonistic sexual adventurer, the epitome of a rock 'n' roll star.