I thought I wasn't his cup of tea because he kept blowing me out when I'd ask him out on a date. Adele is now a TV Presenter, personal trainer and a fitness model, and the happy couple appeared on a recent episode of Couples Come Dine With Me. Dawn and Dan (Series 2)When Air hostess Dawn Edwards signed up for the dating show she wasn't looking for a boyfriend.

Instead she arrived in time for the last show and was the final new girl on the series.

But Greig had already been and gone, after picking a girl called Laura two shows earlier.

Most of the contestants are happy if they bag a date and a free trip to Tenerife aka the Isle of Fernando's.

But for a lucky few, an appearance on Take Me Out leads to them being taken up the aisle... Adele had been engaged to love rat and Joseph star Darren Day in 2003 until (shock horror) he cheated on her, with Hear Say's Suzanne Shaw. Heartbroken Adele ditched Darren and by the time she signed up to Take Me Out in 2011 she was "on a mission to find a man".

I was hungover and eating cold pizza and he had just returned from the gym eating an apple.

It was later that night when we got chatting that I knew we had something special.

"Within a week Dan had come from his hometown of Stevenage to visit me in Nottingham", says Dawn.

"We had our first non-TV date – a romantic dinner – and our first kiss."Within six weeks they were a couple and six months later they moved in together in Dan's hometown of Stevenage.

When Paddy asked why she kept her light on, Dawn said:"I can't put him down for one thing. Everything I saw was really good [to Dan] you're definitely getting the thumbs up from me." To Dawn's delight, Dan picked her, and the very next day they both flew out to the Isle of Fernando's on different planes.

"The next morning, we were finally reunited for our date: a couple's massage," Dawn later revealed in an interview with Fabulous magazine.

Gemma, who is also mum to Grace and Olivia, told the Mirror: "I had been single for years as she focused on being a mum and on her demanding job as a technical analyst.