The problem is that they may not be able to identify the ‘nice guys.’ Even if they can, there is baggage they cannot see but is ‘red flags’ for the ‘nice guys’.

One of the hardest things I have to tell women who come to me for dating advice is that ‘it is you – not them.’ The world does not have a shortage of nice men, despite what you may believe.

They are out there, and they are actively looking for a nice woman.

They are not interested in games, playing them, or being dragged into yours. He will be checking you out and seeing if you are worth the risk. This is because you were on a hormone high, excited, and having fun.

Chemistry in Relationships We’ve all heard a friend say ‘He was great, we talked forever, but I didn’t feel anything.” So there was no second date. Real sexual attraction is built on more than ‘instant chemistry’. You missed any of the red flags the guy was waving in your face – and you probably overlooked the guy’s quiet friend, who just happened to be a nice guy.

-Nice guys are smart, considerate, generous, charming, has friends, can keep a job, listens to you, and shares positive thoughts and experiences with you.

-Nice guys have been dumped, but you won’t hear about it. Find nice friends and good people to spend your Friday nights with.

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-Strong men are use to accepting a leadership role.