Venues des quatre coins du globe, les artistes et les personnalités qui font le cinéma d’aujourd’hui se sont rassemblés en l’honneur de l’anniversaire d’une manifestation forte en événements. En poursuivant votre navigation sur nos sites,vous acceptez l'installation et l'utilisation de cookies sur votre poste, notamment à des fins promotionnelles et/ou publicitaires, dans le respect de notre politique de protection de votre vie privée.In Podor in Senegal, the place where I grew up, everyone is an artist because art in Africa is not a commercial enterprise but is part of life itself. When I was young, I used to watch the fishermen by the banks of the Senegal river.

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They were working close to the desert in intense heat, and whenever they stopped working they would start to sing.

In Podor, people sing naturally about their experiences, their lives and their relationships. Everybody has a part to play - even children are allowed to join in if they have the inspiration.

Everything is linked to the communities themselves.

One fashion designer who has developed this is Oumou Sy from Senegal, who travels the world presenting her collections.

Cate Blanchett, tout un monde Jury Elle est Elizabeth 1ère d’Angleterre, Galadriel, Katharine Hepburn, Irina Spalko, Bob Dylan…

Elle a tourné avec les plus grands, de Martin Scorsese à Woody Allen, de Todd Haynes à...

She uses all the elements of art and culture from West Africa. Some readers would have been fortunate enough to see last year's terrific Africa Remix exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London.

You could see from this that we have a lot of African painters and sculptors who are getting more conscientious about the role their painting is playing in changing things on the continent. When you look at his paintings you can see the traditional African elements, but at the same time he is talking to a modern world, especially young people.

She was performing when life was very hard for black people in South Africa, yet she tried to address issues such as apartheid.

She fled to Guinea as a refugee in the Seventies, which gave her the opportunity to record with West African musicians.

And when Africa is shown on the internet and shared with other people, it's important that people are aware of the need to put something back into the continent.