The latest arrival at the local airport in need of a marvel weighs more than 200 tonnes and a decade ago was briefly in the spotlight itself: the Airbus A380, code 9V-SKA, which launched the passenger service of the “Superjumbo”.

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From Heathrow to Miami and Johannesburg, one of the two daily BA flights is a 747 and the other an A380.

It makes sense to make them all Airbus, and on these busy routes the extra 124 seats each way should be fairly easy to fill; the A380 is very popular among passengers.

The lifespan of a typical plane involves several identities.

To illustrate this point, I picked a Boeing 767 at random from

The bigger plane would help extract maximum value from those most precious of aviation assets, slots at Heathrow, by flying 36 per cent more passengers than BA’s next-biggest aircraft, the Boeing 747.

And as BA’s “Jumbo” fleet (average age 21-plus) is slowly retired, the A380 could gradually replace it.

Three years ago it was “densified” with an extra 69 economy seats and transferred to the budget brand, Air Canada Rouge, where it is working very hard: last Sunday alone the twin-jet flew from Trinidad to Toronto and then made two round-trips to Florida and back.

If it looked like the Airbus A380 could still be earning its keep in its mid-twenties, the fortunes of the slow-selling model would improve dramatically.

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