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Errors also included planned actions that fail to accomplish their intended outcomes.

There are different anxiety disorders, which show potential effects on peoples' driving (e.g., General Anxiety and Stress Disorder Association, Washington, DC, 2000).

The improving process of accident index is slow or negative in the other countries from 1990 to 1993.

For example, this level was 2.2% for North Korea, 16% in England, 18% in France, 7% in Denmark, 2% in Pakistan, and 1.2% in India, but it is 55% in Iran.

The intentional disregard for the safety of other people and ignorance of the driving legislation, are considered as a harmful behavior.

Despite small differences existing between the theoretic structure of the four constructive subscales of driving behaviors used in different countries, the accuracy and verification of the general structures of four subscales have been examined and approved in various studies.

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Additionally, the traffic accidents are more due to inappropriate and deficient function of people, in comparison to technical imperfection in vehicles.

It is a rational agreement that errors are classified into two different classes: The first class includes deviations due to attention deficiency and memory and information processing dysfunctions, which lead to slips and errors; and the second class includes errors due to selection of an inappropriate function to obtain his purpose without any information about these false functions.

Materials and Methods: The self-reporting of the drivers was determined by using Manchester driving behavior questionnaire (DBQ) and Spielberger statetrait anxiety inventory in 168 drivers who had a crash while driving.